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We received an email after a recent training regarding the course delivery and almost immediate use in the field. We wanted to share with those just why we train so hard.

“Dear Gentlemen,

I am writing to thank you for coming to Saint Paul Fire to provide our SWAT Medic team the TCCC course and to report that only one day after attending the course I was able to put the skills I learned in your course to use in a critical situation. I thoroughly enjoyed the TCCC course and thought the instructors were knowledgeable, skilled and experienced. The classroom and skills stations were excellent, and though I have been involved in EMS for 20 years I picked up tips from your instructors that have already helped me become more proficient as a medic.

The ‘hands on’ scenario at the conclusion of the course provided for an extremely valuable experience. It was designed to provide students the opportunity to pull together all the skills learned in the course and apply them in a high-stress environment while simultaneously experiencing sensory overload. Training in this stressful environment to perform rapid assessments and immediately react to save a life was extremely beneficial.

Only one day after attending TCCC I was working my normal fire department shift when my company was called to respond to a person struck by a train. The call came into our station in the early morning hours while it was still dark outside. On arrival, we found the patient unresponsive but still breathing. Instinctively I put my TCCC skills to use.

On rapid assessment of the patient, I found the patient had a large open chest wound which required six (defibrillation) pads to seal (a tip from TCCC instructors). The patient also required bleeding control, bilateral chest decompressions, fluids and warming. With treatment the patient immediately improved with O2 (saturation) going from the low 70’s up to the high 90’s.

Although this was not a tactical situation, the skills I learned at TCCC combined with the confidence gained in the course proved to be invaluable just one day after the course. Having TCCC skills in my tool box allowed me to rapidly make treatment decisions and perform advanced life saving skills without hesitation.

I (look) forward to training with your organization in the future.
On last check our patient was alive, and in the surgical intensive care unit! Thank You!
Captain Jovan Palmieri, Saint Paul Fire Department, Saint Paul, MN” 

Average Course Evaluation:  

9.7 on a 10 scale

Value Added:  During the twenty-hour training, time is spent reviewing new patient assessment models, adjunct devices for use in tactical environments, and scenarios that utilized sensory depravation and overload. This helps prepare participants to utilize the skills learned in training utilize them in austere environments. Our intention is to train and evaluate under high stress environments thus preparing the tactical medic for the ‘worst case scenario’. Course handbook provided was Combat Medic Field Reference. 

Objective:  To enhance tactical EMS support for SWAT operations. Specifically this training was to provide knowledge, skills and abilities not currently retained within the SWAT Medic community and to further their ability to assess and treat patients in an austere environment. 

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