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Safety & IH Services

At STCI, we provide a broad range of industrial hygiene and  occupational safety consulting services.  Through our extensive network of professional contacts, we can provide services in almost any area of need, however we specialize in the following:

Occupational exposure assessments
Providing exposure monitoring (including noise), exposure profile characterization, statistical evaluation, exposure control techniques, and data management systems necessary for an effective employee exposure assessment and control program.

Program development
Supplying the technical component to help you develop effective management systems necessary to control injuries and illnesses in your business.  We develop written programs that incorporate not only current regulatory and established “best practice” principles, but also your own internal company requirements.

Conducting training in all areas of industrial hygiene and occupational safety, such as hazard communication, hearing conservation, personal protective equipment selection and use, ergonomics, respiratory protection, confined space hazard recognition and entry, and injury/illness prevention.  We can provide this training directly to all of your employees, or conduct “train-the-trainer” courses designed to develop sufficient technical expertise within your organization to allow you to conduct this training internally.

We have extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of auditing industrial hygiene and occupational safety programs.  We can conduct both regulatory and management system style audits for you, or help you conduct your own internal audit using your protocols.  We can also provide on-site safety inspections for all industries, including construction. 


Listing of services:  
Program Auditing
Written Program Development
Training Development & Delivery
Air and Noise exposure monitoring/assessments
SDS management
Lab fume hood and ventilation system evaluations
Haz-Mat response training
Respirator fit testing
Incident investigation training and management
“Hands on” and classroom fire extinguisher training
Safety and health data management systems
Site safety inspections
Risk and hazard assessments
OSHA Compliance assistance
Temporary staffing

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