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"STCI’s capabilities and focus on our clients’ core missions, and our effective business management, have enabled us to succeed despite a challenging market.” — Richard Shoaf, Sr. VP - Operations & COO

Dear Colleagues and Stakeholders:

Twenty-two years ago, Richard Shoaf had an original idea that emergency responders could benefit from rigorous training and analysis of programs and from objective advice. In 2015, the company he founded stands strong as a premier consultancy helping government and commercial clients achieve their most important missions. As technology evolves, missions expand, and budgetary pressures persist, STCI responds with innovative solutions that help organizations solve their most complex problems. We engage with many of the most important issues of our time—national security, emergency planning, risk management, energy, the environment, and much more. And our nearly 100 people create value by pioneering new products and technologies, by deriving actionable insights from data, by preemptively defeating new threats through planning, and by applying multidimensional thinking to generate unique solutions.

Equally important, we approach everything we do with a deep commitment of service to our clients, to our communities, and to the veterans who have served us. We’re able to bring the best of the best together to pursue missions in cross-functional, highly collaborative ways that others cannot. Our professionals bring their brains, hearts, and values to everything they do. It is a great accomplishment that 22 years later, our people who follow in Richard Shoaf’s footsteps make a tremendous difference. 

Shalom N. Barber-Shoaf,

President & CEO

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