Hands On Training

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials Incident Response Training (All Levels)

Unique specialist courses also available (Decontamination Operations T-t-T, Advanced Monitoring, Gasoline Tank Truck Specialist, Chlorine Specialist, HazMedic, HazSWAT, Photography in the Hot Zone and other CBRNE trainings)  Most of our courses have a Train-the-Trainer opportunity in conjunction with the training so you can bring part of the training back with you to your organization.  


Custom Topical or Refresher Training Development

Our team is already poised for the next challenge and ready to create and deliver unique training for needs not yet planned for.  Give us a call to chat about your problem and how we can help solve it.  

Why are our Courses better:  

We achieve training goals by high instructor to student ratio, quality training text books and amazing training aids.  With over 10,000 lbs of training aids for the hands-on experence we are bringing the academy to you.   Additionally the high number of practical group activities with the constant updating of information with current topics is key in our programs success.  Simply put, we have the best instructors focused on development of skills, growing knowledge and increasing ability to safely respond.   We use a four instructor approach to subject areas.  This includes two vetted and experienced response specialist, one alternative discipline specialist and one Subject Matter Expert such as a senior scientist.  Our internationally experienced instructors have worked in over 90 countries and are key leaders in hazardous materials and CBRNE/WMD response nationwide.   

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